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What We Do

Our program is PracticalSimple, and Fun.

​ With a Big Purpose. 

Everyone is born with the creative instinct, that needs to be nurtured to develop and grow. 

We have a sequential art program that develops all the skills needed to see like an artist and create your own individual artwork.

Our program begins with learning to draw, which is the foundation for creating all art.

Our program is researched based and has a 100% success rate.

We are all about Visual Arts, however participating in a Visual Arts program has proven to strengthen other important life skills, enhances learning abilities, and increases self esteem.

Join our program to develop the artist within, and unleash your own creativity.

Instruction is available for individuals and groups of all ages and levels.

Inquire about our Visual Arts program for Teachers.  We provide Visual Arts projects that integrate creativity into any curriculum. 

We welcome visitors to our studio, for a free introductory lesson, call for an appointment today!

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