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Therapeutic Art

 Therapeutic art is for all ages and abilities, and has scientifically proven results for those who struggle with:

​Low Self Esteem, Dyslexia, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Loss of Motivation, Developing Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Handwriting, Coordination, Directionality, and Organizational Skills.

We begin with a consultation, for designing an individualized art program that will help set goals for the individual attending.

We teach the skills of perceptual drawing to achieve realistic and naturalistic artwork.

We use structured lessons that do not stifle, but in fact improves creativity and problem solving skills.

Language during the course of art therapy is geared toward creating a non-competitive non-judgmental environment in which there is no wrong way to draw and where everybody could be successful.

Results prove that by overcoming the "I can't draw" disease, the willingness to try other feared subjects increases, after experiencing tangible success in drawing. Social skills and self esteem will soar.

To register call Ms. Andrea to set up your one hour consultation.  

Consultation cost is one hour $60. Please call for details.  

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