Classes are always forming. 

Registration is for an 8 week session.

Registration is for all ages four to adult.

Individual and group lessons available.

​Create and bring home your own original artwork.

Discovery Art: Ages four through seven

In this class your children will have fun making art, by experimenting, exploring and discovering

with different art media. They will learn a visual alphabet to improve their skills in drawing,

build a visual vocabulary, and learn how to make patterns and different textures, while making

their own original artwork. They will learn about primary, secondary, light, dark, warm and cool


Drawing: Ages eight through adult

In this class you will learn and discover a visual alphabet to draw lines, shapes, textures, and patterns of what you see or imagine.  You will also learn how artists use different techniques for creating 3-D space and learn how to compose a picture from different perspectives.  You will view and practice different ways artists use their materials to achieve special effects. 

Color: Ages eight through adult

In this class you will learn the color wheel, how to mix colors, learn tints, tones, shades, and color harmonies. You will use this knowledge by making projects to experiment and practice with color theory and mixing paints. 

Painting: Ages nine to adult.

Classes are given in watercolor, acrylic and oil painting.  Sign up for the art media of your choice.

Individuals receive guided instruction and demonstrations on how to use the paint of their choice. This class is for those who are inspired by independent projects as well as those who need inspiration on what to paint.

  Courses will teach about color, different applications for painting, and work on improving artistic skills for all levels and abilities.  We will use an impressionistic and naturalistic approach to painting. This class is wonderful for those wanting to learn through experimentation and practice, Students will receive the attention, guidance and input according to their individual needs. 

​This is a two hour class. 

Special Needs Drawing, Color or Painting Classes.

 In these drawing, color or painting classes the curricula is the same as the above mentioned, except lessons are geared towards each individuals needs and abilities within the group.   Working in a group, listening, and using positive language about art work will be reinforcedThese classes are wonderful for those with Dyslexia, ADHD, Anger Management, Low Self Esteem, Learning Differences and Shyness, to build artistic skills and develop confidence. 

All art classes are now forming for summer. Call Ms. Andrea for scheduling. 732 274 2891 or 609 356 0185 or email at andrea.davincinow@live.com    

Ms. Andrea 732 274 2891

Group lessons are $25. an hour. Group times vary. 

Individual lessons are $40. for forty minutes. $60. for sixty minutes. 

Contact Ms. Andrea at 609 356 0185 or email andrea.davincinow@live.com

cell 732 274 2891

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