Andrea Greenberg is an artist and educator who uses the visual arts to train others in developing and practicing their own creative awareness. Through drawing and painting she leads individuals and small groups, towards developing their natural ability to unleash their creativity and produce original artwork.  

​Andrea’s art studio in Princeton NJ. is where she coaches others in creative art, and has a gallery where she exhibits and sells her own art work.  

Achievements outside the Art Studio

Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Masters of Science Degree in Education /Queens College, NY

​Certified Interior Designer/ New York School of Interior Design

​Art Teacher for grades Kindergarten - Fourth/ Montessori School

​Licensed Kindergarten - High School Fine Arts Teacher

​Teacher of Fine Arts and Special Education at Bayside High School, N.Y.

​Developed and implemented an integrated Visual Arts Program, that utilizes Art as the core for learning ideas and basic living skills.

​Honored by the Lewis School of Princeton for her Distinguished Contribution as an Educator and Mentor of Learning Different Students. Especially for work in the Visual and Fine Arts.

Honored by the Robert Rauschenberg foundation to spend a day with the internationally acclaimed artist Robert Rauschenberg at the Lab School of Washington.  Attended a workshop entitled “The Power of Art.”  The program presented innovative ways art can be used to enhance and teach academic skills to students with learning difficulties.

​Awarded a Fulbright Memorial Scholarship to represent the United States in an overseas Japanese/American Educational Program with the goal to teach Japanese Culture through art. The Scholarship is awarded to Teachers who want to promote Peace and Understanding of other Cultures.

Director and founder of Da Vinci Creative Art, a business that teaches drawing, painting, and coaches individuals and groups in the creative process and mindfulness through art production.

Andrea has exhibited her work to clients in Princeton NJ and New York City, she has sold numerous Paintings to private collectors.

 Phone   609-356-0185 
Cell       732-274-2891

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