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I would like to share with those I have worked with as an Artist, Teacher, Mentor, Therapuetic Artist and those new inquiries for lessons: why I no longer Teach or Practice at my Home Studio in Princeton Landing of Plainsboro.

I want to share what happened to me and how our Society views Art Education and Women Artists.  I would also like to clarify a myth that only people who are born with talent can paint. This is like saying only people born with eyes could see.  

​The lack of knowledge, understanding and value that our Educational System puts in the Visual Arts is intended to limit the individual as a free thinker.

Leaders in the field of Education must know how necessary art is for the process of  critical and executive thinking skills. Still, Art is one of the first subjects cut from educational budgets.  

If one were to study the evolution of man through art history instead of text books plus  lectures and use their hands and whole body for learning it would engage all the senses. Making a more wholesome intelligent person.

​Visual Art utilizes the same brain function as science, math, music, writing and sports. 

The Creative process makes entrepreneurs, inventors, writers, singers, and independent individuals who are unique in their self to become an innovative thinker and contributor to our diverse multi-cultural Country together in peace.  

Art comes from a place of love, joy, acceptance of differences, healthy minds, bodies and helps create desirable communities: socially, aesthetically and increases economic opportunities.

​To conclude: my reason for not practicing my profession where I set up my home studio is one of disbelief and horror.

For those who know of Princeton Landing, there is a Mansion on our Community Property called the Smith House. When someone purchases a home, townhouse or condo in Princeton Landing they automatically become a member of the Association, Forrestal Village Community Services Association. The Smith House is available for all members of the Association for use upon request and approval of the Board. 

My home and studio is a single family unit on a private lot adjacent to Common Property.  

Members of the Board and their Constituents do not play by the rules for Elections, management or transparency of where our Association money is going.  

​It is clearly written in our Founding Documents why the Association is formed and what our Association fees are collected for.

Simply put, the Board of Directors are a gang who have taken complete control of the Associations management and fudiciary affairs unilaterally making important decisions  that effects property values and the quality of lives for residents. 

This is a community of 600 homes, that employ contractors such as landscapers, and a management company.

A member of this Community, is the head honcho behind all matters including, who they will discriminate against through harassment: forcing that member to either move or cause them mental anguish.  

Although my profession and Home Studio are a separate entity from our Association and it's collected maintenance dues: I was told by Management I am taking business away from the Association, by improveing landscpape on my property. 

These Board members and their Constituents, lie, steal, stalk  and spread false rumors about those who are a threat to their agenda.  They pit neighbors against eachother creating a toxic and devisive Community. 

I began Da Vinci Creative Art Education in 2009, it was a developing business which had many possibilities as a result of my credentials and success in my varied extensive background in Art, Design, Education and advocacy for Peace and Green living.  

Since I live and work here, I wanted to be an active member of the Association for our Community.  The current Board has unfair elections and suppress voter attendance. They filed a false lien against my home based on false information, which is evident in the Associations Invoice records. By filing this false lien, they then characterized me of not  being a good standing member of the Association. The board unilaterally empowered their selves to ban me from use of all facilities owned by the Association.   

​This gang and it's contituents are a political group that mimic  our current administration in Washington; who lie about facts such as home ownership and fudiciary accountability.  

 The Board ignored me about any inquiries that were not clear but ambiguous in our Community handbook.

The ambiguity of the rules, responsiblilty and everyday operations needed to maintain the Integrity of our homes and property are ambiguous.  The Board is intentionally  evasive and ambiguous, to intimidate others from getting involved in serving our Community.

This gang and their constituents have been harassing me since 2009, most notably in Board meetings, in the Community and on my private property: telling me I own nothing outside my door.   

Clearly the reason being is that the Board and their constituents are self serving for personal benefits.  

On July 24, 2012 civil servants who are suppose to protect citizens against harm, abetted with the gang and Hill Wallach in an effort to destroy my business and reputation.  

I filed multiple complaints with Plainsboro Police Dept who denied any wrong doing of the Board: dismissing heinous acts against the safety and well being of myself and family. The Plainsboro police et al conspired with my harrassers through gaslighting and characterizing me as mentally unstable. 

Hill Wallach continued to harass me through intimidation by filing a complaint to Middlesex Superior Court: after I reached out to them by phone pleading for help: I was told by the Attorney who was notified at the ADR they they do not represent me. Instead they represent the interests of the corrupt board and their Constituents, by filing a a malicious docketed complaint to Middlesex County Court, representing Forrestl Village Community Services Association vs. Andrea Greenberg (me).   

I represented myself as a pro se litigant against the Board alleging harassment, theft, obstruction of justice, mental anguish, and false rumors of my profession and character. The Court and Hill Wallach did not follow the court rules using their power to harass me.  October 2011 the Associations lawyers, (Hill Wallach), abetted with the Board and Middlesex Superior Court to harass me.  Hill Wallach was notified October 2011; at what was called an ADR (alternative dispute resolution) meeting at the Smith House: that I am being harassed.  The Management, the Board and head Honcho were alleging false allegations of me not applying properly for landscape change. 

To all my friends, neighbors, and decent law abiding citizens: this is why I have stopped practicing and teaching art at this location. 

Yours truly,

Andrea Greenberg

Founder and Director of  Da Vinci Creative Art Education